Leaders of organizations that have experienced Amani’s work report a positive net effect on the team dynamics because of increased awareness of trust and an intentional effort to align culture to values. An organizational culture whisperer, well-sought-after speaker, certified mediator, award-winning podcaster, workshop facilitator and trainer, event host/moderator, soul work & storytelling coach as well as an experienced media & communication expert; Amani does it all! As he likes to put it, he “communicates to inspire, restore and rebuild.”

Amani’s superpower is his authenticity coupled with an uncanny ability to create and hold space for his audience to have genuine conversations. This unique skill led him to win an award for his podcast “Living Truthfully” which has been listened to by over 300,000 people. As a speaker and trainer, he makes participants comfortable enough to accept themselves and allow others to experience their true selves, building trust, that gives room for healthy debate, owning processes and accountability, all while having fun. Amani listens to understand. His effectiveness comes from his intuitive prowess to integrate strategic thinking, people development skills and experiential learning to get the job done.

With over 30,000 hrs. of experience informing, inspiring and retooling teams across the African continent, Amani has worked with over 200 organizations and engaged with over 10,000 team members in teams ranging from 6pax to 700pax.
His line of work over the last 19 years has seen him have a quantifiable impact on a myriad of employers, the communication strategy team of Mavuno Church Employees and consultants ranging from directors of corporate boards to factory staff and everyone in between. Some of his select and repeat clients include the Government of Kenya, Non-Governmental and development organizations, and numerous corporate organizations in diverse fields, spanning from financial services to hospitality, manufacturing, security, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies.
He currently sits as a director on the board of Acelerar Ltd, an innovation business and is on the advisory board for Gambino Ltd, a water bottling and distribution company.
In the past, he has been a member of the Transform Kenya Board of  Directors, a member of the Advisory Board for the Fountain Media Group and the communication strategy team of Mavuno Church