Long post alert…..

I had yet another birthday yesterday which I had the opportunity to celebrate with my family and friends. Thank you for all those that wished me a great day, year and God’s blessings yesterday. I have a lot to be grateful for, and many friends yesterday shared their hearts with me and how our lives have impacted each other, but I also find myself with a lot of regrets and a lot to take stock of. Friends I have made many mistakes and hurt many people  on my journey. Yes there are some whose lives I believe I have enriched but today I want to focus on my failures.

I have been selfish, dishonest, and sometimes out rightly evil, I am sorry. My friend Kanjii Mbugua once told me that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. it is true, because I have never deliberately intended to hurt anyone, but I have, numerous times. To some of you I have personally apologised, yet to some I may never have the opportunity (though I am seeking you out as God helps me and reminds me).  Please accept my apologies.

Life is about relationships and the depth of your legacy will be measured by the lives that you affect positively. However, it is possible to destroy that legacy with JUST ONE mistake.  My legacy is something I hope to protect.

As I turn to a new year, I do so knowing full well that I am nothing without my family and friends, even those that I have wronged. I am aware that my success is hinged on my community. I will strive with God’s help to face my mistakes and make amends as much as I can.  I pray that you whom I have wronged will have mercy on me and not embarrass me publicly but that you will also seek me out, call me out on my wrong and accept my repentance. I do this with all humility and hope that then we all can live lighter happier lives, and that we can pick up the pieces and find a way of repairing and healing that which is broken. My friend Thomas Edwin Kwaka ( Big Ted) brought to my attention once through his #ChangedManChronicles a Japanese art form called KINTSUKUROI, this is where they mend broken jars of clay with gold to form a new art piece, that is both beautiful and probably worth more than the first.

I pray that this mending becomes my KINTSUKUROI.

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